Rekindled Romance

Posted on July 24, 2012


Welcome Back To ME!!

I’m not sure what prompted me to sign into WordPress again but I’m glad I did. My last post was from Feb 2011. WOW…How awful that it been over a year and I havent written a word!

Although, it was nice to read the last couple of post and think about whats happened in my life since then. From Feb 2011-Feb 2012, I’ve ran a couple of 5ks, one 4k, did my first nighttime race in October and completed my 3rd 1/2 marathon in November. It was a pretty good, easy-going year.

Since February 2012, I havent completed one race! No 4ks, 5ks, 8ks…….nothing! I’m still running, but not a single organized race. Not that I havent thought about it, I’ve still been working out since Feb just no races and long runs and I’ve actually been okay with that…..until recently…. I’ve been enjoying my runs a little more than it just being cardio time. Just like before. Yay!

Which is a perfect segway to this….the past week I’ve been thinking of running the full marathon this November instead of the 1/2. I’ve always known that one year I would do it but I’ll be 30 (putting that in writing doesn’t look so nice) in 2 months and in thinking about it, it would be pretty awesome to complete it as a milestone achievement for myself.

So there it is…26.2 in 2012! Now to go look for training plans and put the WordPress icon on my desktop so I can track my journey 🙂

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